There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you are ready for help, and not being able to find the right therapist for you.

I will give you everything you need to live a life with courage, compassion & connection.

It’s the place where you will step into living, loving, parenting and leading with your whole heart.

My message boils down to this: I’ve been there, done that, did the work, whittled my ego down into bite size, repaired my “project” radar and found my “partner” radar, married a zen buddhist monk and loved him for 28 years….learning a lot along the way…and created a life I found worth living…that brought out the best in me.

I can definitely help you unpack the past, help repair the parts that broke, and step into your power and learn not only what you want, also learn to ask for what you want. Any relationship in your life that is “out-of-balance” and one-sided…..we can figure out together how to bring it to some peaceful resolution….either stay or go…or marginalize toxic relationships.

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I live for connection. I love storytelling....listening to them...sharing them....telling some myself. The client that are my absolute favorites are ones with a sense of humor and an unwillingness to be a victim (even when they have truly been victimized). Assisting you to reclaim yourself, before you were harmed, is an honor and I am able to further the conversation and add to it....helping you make truth your own! I can help you get truth into your bones and teach you a whole new lexicon how to talk about emotions and process them. Always interested in a good fit and it’s so great when we find each other.