I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I really appreciated your perspective as well as the respect you showed me as a person. You not only helped me work on some thing I have needed to work on for a long time, but perhaps even more importantly have helped me trust and see the value again in doctors/therapists. It is very comforting for me to know that counseling and you exist as a resource. I thank you as a professional and a person.
— A
The dust has finally settled and I am able to sit down and say thank you! Your help over the course of the last year has been so important to me and the success of my travels on the ol’ road to self-discovery...thank you. Also, thank you for the reading material, it’s a great reference to have (I have, and will keep them all, regardless if I “like” them or not). I appreciate your intelligent and objective perspective.
— J
I do feel like I am a success story...Thank you for helping me to heal in one of my darkest times. Thank you for showing me that I had the resources to help myself. I know ours was a professional relationship, but I count you among the list of people that I am grateful to have crossed paths with.
— C

Please Note:  In order to protect the identities of the individuals involved in this warm & validating message from Milt Datsopoulos, the use of gender identification has been scrambled more than once.

“I wanted to advise you that your report and comments regarding _____ during the sentencing hearing yesterday were critical to the result of a sentence that has never been applied in a similar case involving vehicular homicide. The Judgment issued by Judge _____, in essence, _____ received a 6 years deferred sentence which will provide her with the opportunity to remove any charge or have any record whatsoever if she completes her probation without any further serious problems. The Judge, in open court, stated in a vehicular homicide case he had never before agreed with a sentence that did not involve some incarceration and would also include with incarceration a suspended sentence (not deferred imposition) thus resulting in a felony conviction on _____’s court record for the rest of her life.

I really want you to know how much I appreciate your involvement in both cases. You have given me the tools that have allowed me to be effective in obtaining the best and right results for both my clients. More importantly, your talented approach regarding the treatment of _____ and _____ has improved both individuals and given them the opportunity to succeed and be happy.”

With a Handshake, I Remain,