Back in the day, when I worked for other organizations, I would have to provide couple’s therapy in a very “scripted & prescribed” manner with both people present.  Yuck!!

So for many many years I have only seen women.  Like 15 out of the 20 years I’ve been in private practice.  And then a funny thing happened….I realized I can do partner work any way I’d like.  I began to ask  people if they wanted me to work with their partners too to help heal the relationship?  The answer was a relief and so often I got a resounding “why yes I would like that.”  Then I’d say, “here’s the catch.  I only do couple’s work separately.”  I’d explain that every individual has their own woundings and areas for healing and we all are a collection of life’s ups & downs.  Doesn’t it make sense to have each individual do "their work" and then bring their healing to the table of the relationship?  Check! Check! and Double Check!

I have the utmost respect for partners who are down (or up) for change.  That is real Daring and it takes courage.