Are you a strong woman over 40 who feels stuck trying to make deep change in your life to really grasp on to that ever elusive sense of joy and living wholeheartedly?

Sometimes it feels like you are in a continuous quality improvement loop with yourself.  You work on one issue and make progress only for old “stuff” to pop up and need some attention again.  Yes, the inner critic voice volume is down at least 3 notches below what it was, thanks to your perseverance! But, is that as good as it gets?

Truly, deep down, while your life is good and ok from the outside, you feel blue and lost.  A good friend asks you “what do you want out of life?” and your brain goes completely blank and numb.

What do you want out of life?

When you finally unplug, slow down, and try to be quiet those old patterns of busyness pop right up. It becomes blindingly obvious how little space there is to feel your emotions.

You were born with a big wide range of emotions to experience life.  And that disconnection from your emotions that has helped you avoid feeling a LOT of that pain you’ve been exposed to in your life has also numbed you to feeling peace and focus that you are earnestly searching for.

Staying Numb to Pain, Keeps You Numb to Joy

To put it simply – you need to FEEL to feel connected and connection feels GOOD!  Disconnection from pain disconnects us from both the lows and, unfortunately, the highs too.  This approach also keeps us from feeling the connections to ourselves. If you have trouble connecting to yourself, also known in some spheres as “real love” – you will inevitably, more often than you’d like, miss out on connections with loved ones, nature, animals, music, creativity and pleasure (including sex).

Allow Me to Help You Reconnect to YOU

My name is Diane Adams and I am a therapist who focuses on doing deep, transformational work with women over 40 who want to tap into their values, what matters, and find real authenticity in their day to day life that allows them to truly FEEL again!

I’m here to hold space for you…to see you…with kind eyes…to help you clear away and finish work that is keeping you from being able to deeply connect with yourself and others.

I can teach you how to identify and clear out the blocks that keep you from tapping into the fullness of the senses your body is capable of.  Joy is directly experienced through the senses. Joy can be thought of as “a feeling of lightness and elevation…feeling good in the moment – right now.”

I’ve been working with clients doing cutting edge treatments that work to help women clear the old material of childhood, trauma and numbing and engage with the free-flowing, welcoming attitude of acceptance and living in the present moment since 1997.  I am trained in many premier treatments, including EMDR (brain science protocol developed to desensitize and reprocess trauma) and Brene Brown’s Daring Way/Rising Strong curriculum ….helping you get this research into your bones and make truth your own.

Click here to schedule your free 15 minute phone or video consultation session for counseling for women here.  I provide secure online teletherapy counseling services, as well as intensive zen retreats for women over 40.