Recently I stumbled across the phrase “sex-positive feminist.”  I thought hmmmm…. this sounds very interesting.  Then I came across these terms:

  • sex-affirmative
  • sex-positive radical feminist
  • sex positive movement
  • sex pozzie community
  • sex positive people
  • Center for Sex Positive Culture
  • Sex -Positive World

My goal is to not overwhelm anyone with too much information.  I will be adding links here and if you’re daring and want to know more, I leave that decision up to you.

My first book and documentary that I can tell you about, which I’m reading right now, is called “Still Doing It:  The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65.”  I highly recommend it and the movie seems hard to locate (it’s out of stock at Amazon), I’m looking to buy a copy for my lending library from a University.  Stay tuned.