The two parts that meant the most about all the reading and research I did about the "sex-positive" attitude or perspective were these:

*Enthusiastic Consent


I have since been noticing whenever I am consenting to anything (be it sexual or otherwise) it "enthusiastic?"  If it's not....what can I tweak about it to move it more in that direction.  Sometimes it's to walk away altogether....because I'm not really consenting.

Holding an open mind towards education seems like a helpful way to be.  I know it sucks being a "beginner"....yet I think of a "beginner's mind" as a high spiritual practice.  Do I have more I'd like to learn about my sexuality?.......indeed I do.  I prefer the seeking way of life.  And believe you is good medicine....and it's all about attitude when you're ageless like me.  "It's good work if you can get it"...which is my husband's attitude about how much effort good sex takes.  Plus he has taught me another "helpful tip from your uncle Larry"....."not all sex is a ten, yet it's still great even if it's a two's always worth the effort."  Bless his heart.