A client sent me my first link to Brene´ Brown's Ted Talk a few years back.  When I watched The Power of Vulnerability and then her second talk Listening To Shame....I was hooked with inspiration and tears in my eyes.  I took and completed her course that Oprah sponsored and I didn't think any more about it.  Yes, it was changing my life, but I didn't think I needed to take her training to become a Certified Daring Way Facilitator.  Then I saw that they weren't going to be offering any trainings after a certain date except in Australia and the UK.  Boom....I went straight to my bank and said I can't live without this training and I went.  It has, indeed, "changed the way I love, live, parent, and lead."  Now that I have been cultivating "making her research truth my own" and getting it "into my bones,"  I want to help everyone else gain this lexicon of talking about all the emotional and wholehearted ways of being brave.