I’ve found when I can show up, be present, and care.....I can handle almost anything that’s thrown at me in life. If this makes sense to you - give me a call.
— Diane


Come in and rest….I’ve got time and space to hold whatever you have going on and my eyes are kind and my heart is respectful. I’ve also been told I “smile with my whole face.” -Diane

I’d like to invite you to work with me. About what? I’ve been around the block a few times…from experience I can honestly say there are an infinite variety of struggles presented in life to look at and work with….pick your “flaw of the week” or “I’m currently going crazy because of …..” What I am good at is helping you land on one piece at a time. Or sometimes I use the phrase….”let me help you unpack that.” Is there anything quite so rewarding as being seen, heard, felt and accepted? I love it when I meet people who have a story to share, a need to be heard, a sincere and authentic reach out for some much needed help. And if your sense of humor is no where to be found and your road rage is at the top of the barometer…let me be there for you, listen well to your story and together we will help you get into your own lane. Moving forward to somewhere that excites you….energizes you….helps you feel like you’re practicing, experimenting, and cultivating…. that you can, unequivocally scream…..”NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! Finding exactly where you parked your joy a ways back. We both know it’s there….inside of you….waiting to be rediscovered.