I feel like I had ten orgasms...I feel so fortunate to have been ‘nurtured’ by you. Jessie got to some good spots that hadn’t been touched in years!! I wanted to stay with you two and just be. The flowers are a beautiful reminder, learning to sit, yoga, smoothie, selecting and relaxing with you, the fabulous 13 veggie salad and white lasagna, each made with love I could taste, seeing the detailed love space shrine...all beautiful.”

I write myself permission slips on a regular basis and it is helping curb anxiety! I love seeing your posts on Facebook and the other day, and I thought… I am just so proud of you… And I don’t like that terminology and so I changed it to, “ I fuckin’ admire you to the max! You literally blow my mind and destroy some of my ego’s illusions because of your spiritual depth, without having ANY religiosity involved! Such an encouragement and example to me, you are!